Terminology for smokey looking effect around edges

Hi, can anyone tell me the term that refers to the smokey looking effect around the outer edges of the lasered area? I know the answers are here because I’ve seen them before, just need to understand what people call it. Thought air assist was supposed to help this problem but doesn’t seem to.

Bringing this back to the top as there was no response.

Show us what you are describing as “smokey looking effect around the outer edges”, and we can go from there. :slight_smile: You may need to set ‘Overscanning’, to allow the laser time to slow and change direction with the laser off. This can help, so there is no energy deposited while doing this direction change.

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Actually, in looking for an example I think I have answered my own question. I found someone with a power grid and it was so intense at one point I can see now it’s likely that the wood is actually just being burned too much and it is actually smoke damage


I was getting it a little more faint and thought I read somewhere that it could be prevented by the air assist, perhaps it was and now I’ve been burning way too much

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