Testing for lost steps

Hello I just installed limit switches on my Atomstack A5. I did the reflash so the settings will stick to the eprom.
I have to run a few test but I think the laser is loosing steps. The cuts are set to return to origin/home.
Every so often the head will try to go a little further mostly on the Y axis. Sometimes the X isn’t at the home position either. I did a few circle outlines on black poster board and I noticed some shadowing after a few attempts.
On Mach 3 for the mill there is a setting to tell the machine to move and then measure how far it actually moved, this sets mach 3 to the real time steps/per.
Is there a test I can do in Lightburn or outside off, to confirm that the steps are all in line?

There is some kind of calibration that’s possible, I believe … Maybe @berainlb has some input on this…

If it’s losing steps, it goes a shorter distance, not longer.

If it is losing steps, the acceleration value is too high or it’s not getting enough power…

Before modifying anything in the configuration, make sure you save the original so you can return to some known configuration…

Good luck


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