Testing Software

Hi, before I download the trial version I would like to know if I can test the software without being connected to my engraver.
At present I am using Inkscape to design my products, saving them as .png then transferring them, via usb sticks, to my container where I have to work out all the settings, size and power etc.
It would be a lot easier for me to design inside then transfer as gcode to my engraving laptop.
Is this feasible?
Thanks, in advance

LightBurn provides drawing tools, allows for import and export of a bunch of file formats, generates gcode based on the settings you provide and can stream this gcode directly to the laser controller. So, if I understand correctly, the answer is yes. Download and try it out for yourself.

Thank you very much. I will do that now.

Just make sure to create a device profile so the software knows what options you should have. Choose GRBL, or whatever would be appropriate for the machine to plan to run the GCode on. Even if you aren’t connected, the software needs to know how to make the code.

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