Text and images slipping during engrave

Hey Everyone! I have an Omtech 80 watt, running the latest version of Lightburn and a Ruida controller. The laser was bought just a few months ago, so it’s pretty much brand new.

A few days ago it started randomly “slipping” when engraving or even cutting text in particular (but it happened to an image I was engraving too). Completely random, one or two letters in the middle of a word, usually it slides half the letter to the right. But today it tried cutting the letter higher than it should have been in the word. I thought it was the rails or belts, but then noticed that on the control panel on the machine, it shows the error in the words, exactly as the machine made them, but the image in Lightburn is perfect, I have made these same words before, so it’s not the text itself. Does anyone know what it is? Thank you so much!

To describe this again, maybe a bit better, say it was engraving the letter “a”. The top half of the letter is completely to the right so it looks like the letter got split and slid over.

You need to explain this.

What error is it getting?

Can you post a photo of the console window with the error?

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