Text deformed after update

Hi I recently updated from 1.0.00 to 1.0.04. I have burned a tile with text and picture on the 1.0.00. Text is Font Vollkorn. All well so far.
However, if I now open the file in 1.0.04, the text is all over the place and I can’t get it back in the original position and size. I need to re do the tile (to fill up the text) and ‘double burn’ a part of the picture to make it stand out a bit more. But if the text moves, this will totally ruin the tile.

Is there somebody with an idea? Pleeeaaaase?


Pics of the issue on the project and the File for LightBurn would be a big help

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I can hardly believe that it is an upgrade error but if it really is so then I will, until there is a solution to the problem, work with the latest working version of LightBurn.
I agree with Willie, show us some pictures or your file, it makes the workflow easier.


I hope you are right! that would solve my problem. :innocent:

This is how it looks in 1.0.00

Same file opened in 1.0.04:

and this is the file…
Tas Valley.lbrn2 (561.8 KB)

I think your programme is fab… :wink:


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I do not have the font you use on my system. LightBurn automatically uses my default font, which does not cause any problems. RalphU’s solution also points in this direction.
But in general, if you have a problem with an update of LightBurn and you do not have the opportunity or time to find a solution, then you can always delete the new version and replace it with the last version that worked for you, you also do not lose your settings in this process.

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Hi all,

thank you for the good suggestions. I will probably go back to the old version to finalise this project.
The change of the parameters as suggested by RalphU looks alright, but if you look at the XPos and YPos, I noted that the position has changed a bit. Probably just enough to not work… Something I need to be aware of with future updates…
I appreciated your help. Thank you

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