Text engraving issues

Hey there, I just got my laser up and running this past week and have been figuring out most bugs on my own but all of a sudden while running a couple lines of text in a file that were burning fine before is now interchanging between italicized and just plain weird wavy looks to it…All the other text in the file burns how it should…Very frustrating. Anyone have ideas on what it could be? Thanks in advance

If possible post the .lbrn2 file so we can examine it.

Also some photos with a short explanation. You will have limited ability to post photos, so pick some that the problem is clear.

I have trouble with highly technical descriptions like this… :crazy_face:


Thanks for the quick reply! Much appreciated, I think I figured it out! the file was the business card I am making so everything is pretty small text. It looks like I had the line interval at .06mm because in my brain I figured that small text to be crisp without jagged edges like large shapes go to a lower line interval. Looks like as soon as I cross the .08-.1 threshold its perfect. Left side was after interval adjustment Right was pervious at .06…I guess I’m just learning as I go but does this seem normal in your experience? Thanks again

How ‘big’ is the ‘dot’ where you are engraving?

The only lens that will allow me to get to 0.1mm or maybe 0.08 is the compound.

Most of my other lenses produce about a 0.2mm spot at best, that dpi would be128dpi.

If the beam is larger, you will ‘overlap’ part of the beam…

What speed are you running?


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