Text engraving reversed

(Juan A Sierra) #1

I just finished setting up and testing my laser on light burn, but my text engrave reverse, like flipped horizontally. Do anybody have any ideas why?

(Rick James) #2

You haven’t provided much to go on beyond listing “Generic/ GRBL” in your profile. My guess would be you have not set your machine ‘Origin’ correctly within LightBurn.

From LightBurn Documentation:


This is the origin or 0,0 location for your laser. If you have a GCode based system, this is almost always at the front left, regardless of the location of your limit switches.

This additional document discusses a couple different Generic/ GRBL setups that might also be worth a read. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/CommonGrblSetups.md#common-grbl-setups