Text in T1 or T2 only line not fill

I’m making a template for engraving pencils. I am trying to write the information on the project Name, size, brand of pencil, etc. using T1 or T2 tool layers but wanted them as fill not line but those options just say tool. It’s ok on the main machine but hard to read on my tablet attached to the laser.

The Tools layers are not output, so there is no option to set the type or mode of output, such as Line or Fill.

We offer a project notation option called ‘Project Notes’, allowing you to chronicle the specifics of your job, design for exactly what you are describing. :slight_smile:

Hi hope all is going well. I read you are making a template for engraving pencils. What software do you use? Would you mind sharing when you are done? My most concerning question is How do you keep the pencil still?
We are having the hardest time trying lay our metal or wood down on the laser bed and it be straight or square. Any tips? Thanks so much.

I found the project notes under show notes? Shouldn’t it be the same name? I put the info in there but it will not work as a quick visual to make sure I’m using the right template for the type of pencil. I’m not even sure it will matter maybe all pencils are the same size. I instead added another layer with the text set to fill with output off. That way i can see at a glance im using the right one.
Thanks willy

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Everything is / will be done in lightburn. I followed LA hobby guy’s video to make a template “spoil board” for my laser it is bolted to my lasers feet. My plan is to put a 1/8in metal dowel pin in two corners (not in the corner it homes to) through the spoil board and the 3mm plywood template material. This way it should always be in the same place as the file thinks it is. After the template is cut out, turn the rectangles the pencil sits in into a tool path and create new rectangles to put the text into.

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