Text is backwards, upside down and in the wrong place after running file

Hi Everyone - could really use your help. This is driving me insane.

This keeps happening to files I have text on. It happened again tonight.

I opened up a test file. Made a couple of adjustments to it. Ran the file on my OMtech 80w B/R. The file worked great but when I went to open the file up again to re-run it the text was backward, upside down, and in the wrong place.

This has been happening with a lot of our files that have text on it.

Has anyone run into this issue and if so, what was the solution.

Thanks for all the help as always.


Is this a new machine?

What was the ‘setup’ process when you installed Lightburn, did you follow Lightburn instructions or something else?

How do you have your ‘Edit → Device settings’ setup.

Unless you are changing something that relates to the machine or how lightburn sees the machine, this shouldn’t happen.

These are configuration problems generally speaking. The software doesn’t ‘break’, so it has to be how you have the machine/lightburn configured.

Which corner does your machine home and which of the four corners in Device Settings do you have it set?


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