Text is not straight

I am trying to make business card with my new 50W JPT Fiber Laser. I have entered the Parameter per the sheet of paper that I received from the manufacture. However, I cannot find a place to enter the Left Bottom Corner Settings. The text on the business cards are slanting upwards and to the right hand corner.

Please upload a photo of the result here, ideally with an accompanying screenshot showing the job in your LightBurn workspace.

What are the ‘Left Bottom Corner Settings’? Are they recommended cut settings?

As a test, try etching the outline of a plain square - does it come out the correct shape and size? With equal diagonal corner to corner measurements? Have you applied/loaded any lens correction (COR file) in your device settings? There is a video guide explaining how to do calibrate your lens.

Hi Matthew, in that context the ‘Left bottom corner’ refers to the position of the left bottom corner of the workspace relative to the centre of the crosshairs.

This setting is not needed in LightBurn, as your screen shows, the bottom left corner of the workspace has already automatically been moved X-55, Y-55 relative to the centre of the lens position.

Regarding the “slant to the top right”, do you mean that the text is not parallel to the material? Are these distances I’ve marked different?

If so, and if you are certain that your lens correction is fine, and the text in LightBurn is straight and the black card was setup square to the fixing holes, then you might benefit by tweaking the angle of the field:


Thanks for your help!! Changing the angle by .5 fixed the issue!! Now all my lettering is straight as an arrow!! Many thanks!!

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