Text is reversed and red pointer not working

Can anyone tell me where to look in the Lightburn help section for the following:

  1. when I type a text my Ruida 80 watt CO2 laser reverses the text when it engraves
  2. my red dot no longer appears on my computer screen when I move the laser
    Over time I must have changed my settings ?

Most likely you have the ‘origin’ on in the ‘Edit → Device Settings’ incorrect. Mine homes in the rear/left.

Screenshot from 2022-03-10 11-16-57

You need to tell it which corner the machine homes.

My red ‘block’ sits where 0, 0 is located.

Probably need to check over the ‘device settings’ to ensure they are correct…

Good luck


Before you had replied I somehow got the red dot to appear again when I move the laser so that is working. however, whatever I did now moves my laser at a snails pace. the other problem I have is the text I type in appears correctly from left to right but when my laser does the fill the text is reversed, goes from right to left.

These are worth review, Output issues - LightBurn Software Documentation

and, Device Settings - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

How are you moving the laser? If from the ‘Move’ window in LightBurn, you can adjust the distance and speed of these travel moves in that same window.

ok speedis not ok, Thank you.
The only other setting I have to change is the text being reversed, shows L to R on my computer screen but the text is backwards from R to L

Yes, I understood that from your previous post. :slight_smile: This is the reason I provided the ‘Output issues’ link to our documentation, where is says:

Output is mirrored or backwards

  • The ‘Device Origin’ setting, found in the menus under Edit => Device Settings, controls the orientation of what gets sent to your laser. If you have the origin for the device set incorrectly, your output will be mirrored or upside down when run.
  • For DSP controllers (Ruida / Trocen / TopWisdom / etc) the Origin setting for the device should match the corner that your laser homes to when first powered.

The four dots on the Device Settings page, Origin, control the output. Simply flip this setting to change this. You may need to flip the artwork after changing the Device Settings Origin.

that solved the problem
Thank you

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