Text lasering mirrored or back to front if you like!


Been using my K40 for a while and today went to use my Endurance 8 watt diode and for some reason its lasering text back to front or mirrored if you like
Just typed out TEST curved it a little and its printed it the wrong way round and for the life of me i cant figure this out. rebooted etc no change, file appears to be ok, on the screen its normal. just burns the wrong way round!

It all seems ok apart from this, any ideas please it works fine on the K40.

Details 300 x 400 laseraxe frame. laseraxe cncc mini, arduino nano 1.1f Windows 10 running in bootcamp on a mac mini. Origin is front left.

Many thanks


Is it mirrored left to right, or top to bottom? You likely just need to move the origin in the Device Settings in LightBurn to a different corner, based on which way the text is flipped.

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Thanks Oz, Ill give it a try in the morning, late here now, it should read right to left and its reading left to right



Thanks a lot Oz , switching the origin sorted it thank you, I should have though of that but using the K40 I simply forgot on the switch over to the diode!!

Thanks so much, excellent service as usual.


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