Text not burning constant

When burning text that is all on the same layer there are sections where the lazer is not firing or the power drops. Should this be happening? I am new to lightburn so I am hoping there is something I am missing

Are you engraving text onto blockwood? It may be that the wood has different grain or even hardness at some points and this makes it harder to engrave.

Try decreasing speed or increasing power to get a better, more consistent burn.

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Thank you for your reply. I have attached a photo of the results. I have been trying to slow things down and I have it set to 100% power but I get the same result.

When I watch the machine running there is a big difference to the light brightness on the dark areas. There is hardly any on the missed areas.

Could this be a psu issue or could I have a setting wrong? Thank you

I am using speed 4500 mm/min and power of 100%.

I have also tried copying the layer and using 85% power and speed of 3200mm/min

I have tried a test on some ply wood and the results are quite poor. There are sections missing altogether in the middle

Yes, that could well be a faulty power supply or laser.

This could be a stupid question, but it is the bain of my life as a lot of folks know on here. But have you set your focus?

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I have used the metal cylinder that came with it to make sure the distance has been set. When I first got the lazer it was fine but now when it runs the brightness that comes from the lazer then it fires changes dramatically. Some parts of the text are perfect this is at the start of the layer but then it goes down hill.

I will get a new psu and let you know if it works. I am new to the world of lazer engraving and I was hoping it was something I am doing wrong rather than the lazer. Thank you for your help. Any suggestions are welcome

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I haven’t had it that long I would say only about 100 hours of use so far

Ok this I know from wood being wood the growth rings that will be darker rings or brown or darker rings is hard wood board wood. This is where every thing go’s wrong the laser wont cut through it very much not like the bright wood the white wood I call it. The lasers can cut through that light color wood I have been trying now for over a year before I knew there was a light burn with a strong lasers can cut dark wood. But even a 60wat cant cut dark wood.

No no. I do not have a diiodo laser 60wat c02

After contacting Ortur they spotted that one of the clips for the power on the motherboard had become slightly loose. Pushing it in a fraction seems to have fixed the problem. I have noticed that I do keep having to push the clip back every now and then as it keeps coming loose. Lesson learnt to check before each use.

Thank you for all your advice

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