Text On Path Not Moving

I have searched the group for an answer for this but unable to find a solution to my problem. I have followed the training video and I still have 3 issues: (Version 0.9.09)

  1. My text is mirrored from the start.

  1. After I converted to path and click on the node icon, all my text has nodes on it.

  1. After deleting the sections of the shape, I click and drag on the nodes the text does not move.

You should not convert the text to path until you have completed your text adjustments because it is no longer text. You would only convert to path when you were finished doing all of your path adjustments. Hope this helps.

Thanks I will try this. I was following the video step by step.

I placed the text in the right spots, then converted to path. Still does not let me move that part around.

The steps are to apply text to the path and you then have all the controls, but once you convert to path the text you are turning the text into an shape that is no longer the text to path. These are two different procedures. In your last example do not convert to path if you still want control over the text. If you want to keep it on the path, just change the path to a different layer and you can turn the visibility and output on and off

Why do you keep converting the text to a path? Once you do that, it’s just shapes, not text, and those shapes aren’t attached to the other path any more.

Don’t convert the text to a path unless you have a specific need to edit the nodes in the text.

Thanks for the response. I am following the exact steps on the video, so when the video talked about Convert to Path, I did not realize that you were NOT selecting the text, just the circle! That worked! Thank you!

Ahh, ok - that explains it. Yes, converting the circle to a path allows you to edit it with node editing because it’s no longer a built-in primitive type (circle) but just “points and lines”. Doing that with the text isn’t what you want. :slight_smile:

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