Text on tab of window does not show, it's blank

The text on the tab that has focus appears blank, see attached image. When the focus changes to another tab the text of the previously blank tab returns.

This is happening on a Mac running GM version of Big Sur and LightBurn 0.9.18. No problem when running on another machine under Windows 10.

Thank you.

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Thank you for reporting this.

I think the active field is meant to be blank, so you can not select it twice. It might be transparent but it does not feel wrong.

I don’t think that’s not the behaviour in Windows. You should be able which tab you selected, And certainly not the behaviour in previous versions.

You’re probably right, but on my Mac it does not look so “bad” and that is why I have not put any importance in it also because it still works.

Ya, it’s nothing preventing me to use the program, everything works wonderfully as usual, but I thought they should know. It’s probably a quirk in the UI library they use or an OS bug. Hopefully they can figure it out.

This has been confirmed to be specific to Big Sur, likely an interaction between it and the platform abstraction framework we use.

Thanks Oz, that’s what I suspected. Hopefully the abstraction framework support people can work with Apple to figure it out and fix it.

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