Text positioning

Hey guys,

I have an image I would like to lay over with text but when I bring in the text it will go behind the image. Ive already tried bringing the text to the front and sending the image to the back to no avail. Am I missing something?

Scott, it may require multiple “pushes” to get them where you want. If on the other hand you are trying to “clip” the image or have the text object remove the image behind where the text is to be (so image won’t show through open letters like “O”), LightBurn does not have that feature yet.

OK thanks Rick… will that be something for a future release?

Yes it is. Using another object as shape for image clipping is on the list for a future release.

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Even though this contributes little to the thread, I have to say I’m mostly astonished at the features that LB has, and yet there are more planned in the future. I think we are getting great value from this product!