Text that is scaled 75% width vs 100% height will revert to original dimensions when applied to path

Windows 10 , X64, v 1.0.06

I use fonts Bauer Bodoni and Adobe Garamond Pro a lot. This issue is not limited to these 2 fonts though.
I do not like condensed version of thes and would rather scale them horizontally until they look “right” for the design.

I type some text, then scale it on 1 direction to 75% of the original.
This is my target
Then I select Circle tool and make a perfect circle object
Then Select both and apply text to path.
Text applied to path but I lose the 75% width of the text relative to height.
The text uncompresses when applied to path. It is 100% width and 100 % height

Text that is 75% wide relative to original height is appled to the path .

The image shows sample text on the left prior to application to path
Then on the right , when applied to path we see the scaled text revert to unscaled dimensions.

Is this by design?
Is there a way to apply text to a path and retain the height to width scaling ?

I can reproduce this behavior. Not aware of a remedy for this.

You are right, i made some experiments but there is no way to mantain the given scale on the text. Better call @LightBurn_Staff

I have no idea but I’ve escalated your interesting question…

Thank you for the reports, yes I am also able to reproduce and will submit a ticket in our tracking system, along with a link to this post, so we can let you all know once resolved. Thank you again. :slight_smile:


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