Text to path doesn't want to start at the arrow

For some reason my text just does not start at the arrow no matter what I do. Can anyone please assist it how do I fix this please. Please see attached image.

Thank you

Can you upload your file please?

I Kinda got to a working design, working around the problem, but here is the file, the arrow no matter where I put it still not working as I think it should or is intended to.
Patch problem.lbrn2 (235.8 KB)

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I couldn’t find a way either, I’m not a master yet like lots of folks, perhaps the LightBurn crew will have a solution. Best I could do was spacing which pushed the design to the areas in question. But it ruins the design.

Here is a youtube video by Lightburn explaining what you can and can’t do with ‘text to path’.

Is a good intro and maybe it will clear up what’s going on.



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