Text to Path lost when reloading saved files


Thank you for the past work on the text to path & the copy/paste issues. However there still seems to be a problem. While now I can copy/paste in the layout just fine, or use the matrix copy, it does not load the saved file as it was actually designed.

To replicate this problem:

  1. Matrix copy a grid of several text to path layouts (which will look fine and engrave exactly correct.)

  2. Save the file with the grid layout.

  3. Close the file and then reopen it.

…and it either didn’t save correctly, or it didn’t load correctly. I’m not sure. :frowning:

Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong, or if this is something that is not working as expected. I thought all the text to path/copy issues were resolved in the last few revisions. I’m running the latest version 0.9.07 and the file/layout was created using that version as well.


Grid array, radial array, and copy along path do not support text on a path yet. You’ll have to convert the text to curves first before using those. They’ll look right initially because the geometry is copied, not re-evaluated, until it’s loaded the next time.

This thread popped up at precisely the right time. I was moving path attached text that was grouped. Nope, not so good.

The first image is the grouped text, path and outside object. The second image is the result of moving the grouped shape to the left, not particularly far. The text “accelerated” in the direction of the move, out-running the other parts of the object. I had a hunch (but timely surgery corrected that) that I’d have to convert the text to path in order to make it work.

More or less a duplicate of the above, a group of five of these varying shapes with three of them including path-attached text performed the same move-faster until I converted it, then all went well and proper.

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