Text Variables (not variable text)

I see there is a way to import data from CSV called “Variable text”. but I want the opposite.

What I want is a way to have an array of items laid out in one project, each item will have several text fields, but a given field is the same for every item. So, to save time, I want to be able to set the text to a variable and then be able to set the variable once and have it change the text in all the items in the array. Is this possible? Thanks.

No, but you could use a virtual array to do the same thing:


Ahh thanks. My older version of lightburn doesn’t have that feature. But yeah that would work.

I did just figure out an alternative. Not exactly what I wanted but it will work using Variable text.

  1. Lay out one copy using CSV merge text and text formatting
  2. Create a CSV file with only one line
  3. test to make sure it’s all good
  4. When you create the array, uncheck “auto-increment variable text” and it should keep the offset to zero for all the array elements so it will always point to the first and only line in the CSV.


This works well, and the Variable Text system is intended to also work for this. If you change the content of the CSV, then re-send or preview your file, the update will show immediately as it always re-loads the CSV before generating the output.

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