The ability to change the size of all parts with one button

I sat and worked in this wonderful program. And I realized that it was missing one function! Like in 3D modeling (fusion 360)
When you can change the size of all parts programmed for this function with one button.
For example: I have 40 parts (keychains) in the project. Each one has a hole for a chain. But the size of the chains may vary.
I can duplicate the whole thing and start changing the size of the holes one at a time. But when creating holes, I could program them for some kind of setting. Which I can change in the project in a separate window. And I would change the size of ALL holes with one click.

Very comfortably!
I am writing to the developers. Consider this opportunity and I think it will be very useful!

On the screenshots(in fusion 360) I show how all sizes change with one FX setting.

Ahhhh, 2 buttons are needed :wink:

I know about this feature.
What if I have many layers? I need to turn off the unnecessary ones, then create the required size and only then use these 2 clicks to change all the necessary shapes.
This is already more action.

…not understood, The shown function works fine across the layers.

Have you considered whether you can use virtual array for your projects?

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