The ants are not traveling in the same direction

I am working on an RC Glider. I got the file in PDF format and have used Lightburn to edit the parts needed.
I noticed that the laser when burning does not complete a full rotation when cutting. Instead, it does multiple passes on a section before moving to the next section of the object. If there is a circle and 4 passes are needed to cut through the wood it will cut say one quarter in 4 passes then move to the next quart and cut 4 and so on. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong in lightburn. I also notice that the ants as one guy on youtube called them are not traveling in the same direction.

The marquee with different directions is a hint that the lines are not joined. Consider to use the node tool or the auto-join feature to create a single continuous line for each of the problematic shapes.

First off, thank you for responding to my topic for help!

Ok so I fixed the nodes not being joined and the lines are now traveling in the same direction but the laser still cuts in sections, it will cut several passes in a section then move onto the next section. I have a thin area that needs to be cut and it ends up burning up.

Group cuts into different layers so that you can run one layer, pick up the pieces, then run another without burning other bits…

Yes, I did that and it cuts the group in sections. Example: If I have a group that has four pieces and each piece requires four passes to cut it, it will make four passes consecutively on each piece before moving on to the next piece in the group. I want it to cut the whole group four times giving the thin parts time to cool instead of catching fire! Note: I am cutting a rib for an RC glider, its one sold shape but the laser is cutting the whole thing but in sections. It will cut the top the move to a different area on the rib and cut it instead of just doing four complete passes around the rib.

Hmm. That one I can’t help with, except to say set each group to one pass, then run the file 4 times without opening the laser…

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