The CoffeeBot 2020 Lives!

Laser-cut assembyl and origin at: Triple Threat

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Not a great conversationalist, but I guess that’s not a priority before coffee. :slight_smile:

Not a great conversationalist

Me, or Google? :wink:

Something I realized as I was building this is that the “robot buttons” currently on the market don’t have a feedback mechanism. They just blindly push the button. For a soft-touch toggle button, you might set it to the opposite of what you want.

Being able to “see” the Brew light makes it more useful and effective.

Very cool. How does the device determine whether the coffee machine is on or not?

It looks at the power/brew LED.

Photocell? Would that be affected by ambient light conditions?

Something more fun like a color sensor?

Color sensor is bigger and more complicated (and much more expensive).

Ambient doesn’t affect the reading (it’s about 10% scale) compared to seeing the LED (about 90% scale).

The CdS is flush against the LED and facing away from the outside as well as being shielded by the shroud/mount. There is a little leakage around the clear holder (so human eyes can still see the LED), but it takes a lot of direct light to fool it.


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Oh wow it looks like a great thing to have