The engraving does not take into account the intensity setting


New in the world of laser engraving, I am confronted with a problem that I can’t find the solution to.
My laser engraver is a Totem S that I use of course with Lightburn.

It seems that, during the engraving, the intensity values of the defined for each engraving are not taken into account.

I should have a gradient between the different lines, but it’s not the case. Where could it come from ?

My guess is that your S Value Max is set higher than the value of $30 in GRBL settings. You’re likely at full power for every test.

Lookup $30 in Edit->Machine Settings. What is the value? Put the same value from there into S Value Max field in Edit->Device Settings.

The value is 1000 ???

“S Value Max” got the same value

If you look carefully, “S Value Max” is not the same value. It’s 10000, not 1000. Change the value to 1000.

Then retest.

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Oooops… You’re right. I am not well awake this morning :pensive:

It works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your help :muscle: :+1:.

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