The fan is making loud noises! (ORTUR Laser Master 2)

Good morning. The fan of my ORTUR Laser Master 2 is making loud noises if the laser is working! I’ve had the laser for a year and the fan has never made this noise. It sounds like he’s not really stuck anymore or like he’s dragging something. What can I do? Is it bad for the laser?

If you have an air compressor, you can (turn off the machine first) blow out your small fan. Hold the wings themselves so that they do not come at high speeds, otherwise you will ruin the fan. If it does not help, you have to replace it, they do not cost much, but find one with ball bearings.

It sounds like your bearings are going out. I have had my master-2/ 15watt for about 25 days now and fan starts squealing like a pig at a clam bake party. When mine starts squealing, I use my tooth brush for brushing off my projects and I give that fan a couple of good wacks on the side of the fan. Should work for you. It does for me. Contact ortur, having your rig for a year now you may have to buy one new fan.
They are sending me a new and a back board that broke.