The LEGEND BB King on Tile

Norton White Tile Method
2.5 watt Eleksmaker with Rothman 32 bit nano

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very nice details!
which fill method and parameters did you use?

Norton White Tile Method

So you used the halftone rendering from gimp and you used the threshold fill in Lightburn?
I would have not expected such nice smooth shades with this method!
Thanks Jim!

WHAAAAAT…where did you get that info…

I saw that in the video you attached. He processes the picture before importing it into Lightburn. Then he shows he’s using threshold. No dither.

Trying to figure out what is the best process.
see pic:
top left just down rezzed, top right aggressive sharpening (Photoshop), bottom left Half tone, bottom right full rez.

In case you don’t do the halftone + threshold, would yo mind telling me what you do? just copy paste your B&W pic then dither fill for the pic?

the pic I described with my 4 tries:

He uses DAGIMP script…it automatically converts to a stucki dither…then imports into LightBurn…with “Passthrough” enabled
I typically use Paintshop Pro 19
enhance resize and convert to stucki dither…import into LightBurn…select passthrough
This is a dither from PSP19…(i use bmp but BMP will not upload here)

This website is pretty well dedicated to photos with a LOT of info…

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