The machine freezes when engraving the photo

Hi, I have encountered a problem with Lightburn,When engraving a photo, the machine suddenly freezes without any error. This only happens to engrave images. Is this a problem with Lightburn?

Grbl controllers have the data ‘streamed’ to them. Any ‘burp’ in the system causes a problem. When you engrave a photo it generates LOTS of data that has to go over a single line via your usb. It may be loosing connection with the controller or losing some of the data.

You don’t get any kind of error message?
Does the laser window show a ‘connected’ status?


The device is connected and no errors are received.
I use a 24 volt 15 amp power supply to power the motor drives and the control board, it is interesting to know that I disconnected the 24 volt power supply from the control board and fed the control board with a stand-alone adapter, the problem seems to be solved But it needs more testing, I will announce the result tomorrow.
I have to look at the output of the power supply with an oscilloscope. There may be oscillations

I am having the same issue, I just upgraded to 1.0.1 on my Mac.

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I did this but the problem persisted until I did what I described above

I downgraded my lightburn and it’s now working.

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I had a similar problem with and reinstalled is now working correctly.

  • Stop in middle of a job and the head stopped.
  • All buttons stop, pause, home, origin did not function when clicked.
  • The job timer continued, percent did not change.
  • Console did not indicate any issues.
  • The LCD indicated “Idle”
  • The program manager (win 10) indicated that the program was working.
  • “X” the program to close and the program box said the job was still streaming and asked if I wanted to wait or close without saving.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


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