The machine makes the letters double, one on top of the other, when at first it did them well

How many passes?
Are you willing to share that file?

Disyuntores y diferenciales.lbrn2 (37.1 KB)

The result is double and out-of-date letters.

This looks like mechanical problem. There is nothing loose?
What kind of laser machine are you using?

I try it on mine and share the result.

The tapes on the sides and screws were tightened. We are using the machine “Falcon laser creality 10w”

I have run the file on my but I have to adjust speed and power to my 40W diode laser and it looks good.

I used speeds of 2800 and 2000 mm/m and power 60% and 40%.
To me it looks like your speeds are just too high for your machine.

Can you adjust the speed to a slower (more similar to my settings) and try?

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The Creality Falcon is a GRBL device. You may want to consider working in mm/minute.

800 and 1000 are perfectly reasonable values for speed if you’re working in mm/minute.

Unfortunately your machine is set to 48,000 and 60,000 mm/minute.

Click Edit, Click Settings and change the units of measure to mm/minute.

After doing this, change 48,000 to 800 and 60,000 to 1000.

You may also want to consider ‘material testing’ to develop consistent engraving results with each different material selection.

The OP is likely at the machine maximum and will have to slow down, reduce power and redevelop settings once this is remedied.

Sorry for my ingenuity, but what you mean by “OP”, operator?

I google the falcon machine and it is similar to mine. Mine was offered to me and I have been doing some upgrades on it. 5W to 40W laser head it was one of them.
As I consider myself quite newbie in laser engravers, I do not state on matter of I am not absolutely sure.

Taking mine as an example, which is set to max 4000 mm/m (above this the motors skip steps) I thought it best to advise to lower the speed. But I also don’t know if there are machines of this type that can work with other types of engines and work at much higher speeds.

As most of my english as to pass by “google translator” I try to be reserved on words.
Google translator translates from Brazilian portuguese instead portuguese from Portugal then some sentences sounds odd.
Some of my reply take more then half an hour on corrections account! :rofl:

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In this context I intended OP to refer to Original Poster (one who posted).

You’re doing very well. I also edit and revise. :slight_smile:

I would never get there, Thanks. :+1:

The greatest obstacle in all of this is learning the terminology.
Thank you for asking directly. It eliminates confusion.

That’s the intention! :sunglasses:

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