The move functions don;t work in new version

Just trying new update
When I Frame image no matter what I set for speed the trace function still zips
Also when I try to use move up down left right nothing happens
Uninstalled and reloaded 9.08 all is good

Check your preferences and make sure $J jogging is off.

you mean prefs.ini file…I could not find any $ commands

Click the ‘Spanner/Screwdriver’ icon near the top-center to expose the ‘Device Settings’.

Its not there

Oh, yes I missed that. I see that you are using the M3 profile. I am looking into this, more will follow.

Thanks Rick
I reloaded …now the jog buttons work
But I can;t change the Frame speed
If I change the the speed in the Move panel it only affects the jogging speed not my Frame speed when I want to see the perimeter of photo

Odd, but good to know that is working for you now. Still looking into the ‘Frame’ speed issue. Thanks for the update.

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