The only thing missing was a stick of dynamite!

Nearly, 9 weeks, 1 fried NanoM2 (mfg. Replaced), 1 new C3D laser board, 4 full tear downs and rebuilds, 1 analog ma gauge, several hard/body mods, 6 full reinstalling of windows OS on laptop, 1 new laptop, many lost days stuck tinkering, hours of browsing sites, and videos ultimately having nothing to do with my quest to figure it out, 1 magical sd card that could vanish from our plane of existence only to return days later and is now nick named “My Prodigal SD card”, a butt load of on the fly tweeks here and there. 1 non compatible rotary attachment (also the weenie roaster), 1 official LightBurn camera, a plethora of trial/error on many different types of materials, about $350 additional investment on top of the original cost of $287.90 for this blue box that was sold as a "never used by customer who didn’t accept the eBay package originally and only opened by the Mfg for inspection- AKA That big blue box of lies cutting thingy, which now in thanks my stubborn efforts is now honestly bigger on the inside, Cheep Chinese k40 laser engraver purchased from Ebay while still being able to keep my dignity opening mouth to talk about it.

To call these baby steps nothing short of an adventure making you check every dark area carefully for some explosive perfectly timed for an ultimate end to the madness of just trying to figure $♡{t out, would be a gross under statement of the year possibly even an insult!! At least not without ending that statement with “And I’m loving every minute of it !!” LOL

Just thought I’d share that and thank those who have posted the many solutions and other helpful advice here and there that I’ve been able to read or see incognito or actually even logged in. Because now I can say I’ve reached the next stage of my story where I am actually starting to understand some of the things i am doing with the many substrates I’ve been toying with and im looking forward to when I actually on purpose do a project or something that isn’t just a test peice I tried so I can learn how. But all that will come in time and so will the questions ;D

As always thanks to those who post, share and help

Madison Rae


Sounds a bit familiar :crazy_face:

My quest started about 6 years ago with a kit built 3D printer. Now, 2 3D printers, a CNC router, diode and now CO2 lasers later I’m pretty confident that I can make a mess of melted plastic, bore a hole from my side of the Earth clear to China and quite possibly burn the neighborhood down on any given day while running down the street to find my missing fingers with my foot stuck in a dust collection bucket,…it gets better, and it’s been a very fun and fulfilling hobby. Enjoy the journey!


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@DanoInTx finally somebody who gets it, and knows that sometimes the reason we do things are simply just because we can. Lol

Don’t even get me started about my journey with 3d printing or LED’s or leather crafting or sewing, or even spining fire just to name a few all of wich continues to be explored and expanded. After all its never about the “what is done, but more about what we can”

Madison Rae