The test button on power supply works when not connected to ruidia

The laser fires when I disconnect the power supply from the ruidia motherboard. When I say it fires, I mean that when I press the test button on the power supply it fires. If it is connected to the motherboard it will not fire either while running, pulsing or testing via power supply.

I am guessing that either something is wrong setting wise or the motherboard is bad.

  1. Max power is set to 30, Min is set to 25
  2. When max power is set to 99 the laser fires at 01Ma
  3. When testing just the power supply we put the Ma up to 6. (It will not adjust while connected to Ruidia.
  4. The cabling is correct based on diagrams and pictures I’ve seen.

Let me know what additional information is needed to troubleshoot this.

Thanks in advance.

Has this ever worked?
What do you have the controller set to for firing a pulse?

Then you state

If it’s drawing current it must be lasing… They seem to be conflicting…


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There is a timed pulse setting under laser setting on the ruida menu. See if you are set to manual and if the time in ms is to low you might get 1mA but its so fast you dont get anything