There seems to be an error in exporting and importing DXF in LB layers

If a project with multi layers export to DXF and re-import it into LB , displacement occurs in layering.

Layer 12 → Layer 13
Layer 19 → Layer 17
Layer 23 → Layer 24
Layer 29 → Layer 22
Layer T1 → Layer 05

LB All Layers (For Test).lbrn (334.5 KB)

It’s quite possible that some layer colors in LightBurn simply don’t exist in AutoCAD’s color set, so when exported, LightBurn finds the closest match. When re-imported, it does the reverse. That would explain why C23 / C24 both come back in as C24 - they’re probably so close that they map to the same export color in DXF format.

And the tool layers (T1 and T2) will no longer be imported into, as a number of users complained about this, so they were removed from the import mapping list.

Thank you for your guidance and help

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