There was a problem sending data...again

In my case there is no difference between USB and Ethernet connection. In both cases is the outcom the same.

my unit is a SH-G350. I have bypassed the cable to my controller and I still have this issue. I could use some help. I can select the device and I can frame but can’t send the data. I could before the thanksgiving break. UGGGGGGGGGAAAH

How long is the cable connecting the laser to your PC?

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The latest release of LightBurn has a user-configurable timeout value in the Device Settings. I’ve been playing with the AWC today, forcing it to drop packets, and I noticed that LaserCAD software never times out - it simply won’t give up, ever. If you unplug the network cable you actually have to force-kill the program.

LightBurn will let you set a network timeout up to 20 seconds (20000 ms) which should be long enough to give you gray hair if it actually fails for real. Try increasing that number to 10000 and see if it helps your case. It’s possible your controller is just doing some internal memory shuffling and taking longer than my default timeout.