Thickening a line for engraving

Hi There, I am hoping to engrave this image however the outline of the tree is no being recognised by the laser when I send the file over. Is there some way to “thicken” it up slightly? Many Thanks

Show us the same screen with the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window showing if you will.

Hi Rick,

You are trying to fill a non-closed shape. The tree is open, but you have the red layer set to fill.

I only want the outline of the tree though? The laser isn’t recognizing it at all

One option would be to separate the tree from the animal and give it a small offset. But that you do not get it “printed” out at all amazes me, not even in the preview window?

If I remove the tree and send it to the laser separately nothing goes over. Ive tried offsetting the tree however it turns it into a solid engrave, not just an outline

can you upload the image (your LightBurn file) here?

Closet Dividers.lbrn (2.2 MB)

I hope that worked!

I look at it right away

Thank you so much for your help!

You have to adjust the settings, I have only given them random values that will not fit your machine!
But the image itself, there have been some duplicates that I have removed and afterwards I have added 0.5mm offset to the wood layer.
Hope you can use it
TestK.lbrn (365.4 KB)

Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I truly appreciate it! It is showing up nicely now so I am off to engrave. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Try making your tree black or a different colour - as it looks like everything is red on the screen

This issue has been resolved. The red you are seeing is the optional ‘Show traversal moves’ being enabled in the ‘Preview’ window, a visual cue used for job evaluation and management and has zero effect on the laser output.

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