Thicker corners

Any idea why a box corner is thicker than the center?

100W CO2 done at 500mm/s 40%power Lamacoid material.

Just noticed where there is text on the same level the line goes thinner

500mm/sec is very fast, you are overshooting on the corner.

Not many machines can deliver good results at 500mm/s. And judging by the quality of your burn, yours isn’t one of them.

The reason is your mirror3/lens/object isn’t perfectly perpendicular, giving you a slightly elongated beam at the focal point. It’s a slight oval, not a circle.

It’s offset in the X axis, so lines in the Y axis are thicker than in X.

If you are engraving, it’s also possible that you’ve got a bit of shift between passes, which could be solved by this:

You didn’t specify whether you were using a cut (line) or fill, but the jagged edge on the 2’s suggests it’s a fill, which could be corrected by the above.

We are engraving, after we noticed the issue shows itself on lines that have text as well, we moved the boxes to another layer and did them separately, it turned out good.

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