Thin single line engraving

Hello all. How can I achieve a thin single line Edwardian font for engraving, I am a Mac user with an Ortur Master engraver.

Thanks in advance

Laser wise by applying a correct focus distance for a thin line.

Regarding Lighburn you need to apply the appropriate speed and power settings.
Usually you want sort of low power with higher speeds. If higher speeds are a no-go for your laser (e.g. inertia problems), decrease speed and power until you reach a satisfactory result.

“Single Line” I believe is the important thing here - you would need to find a single line version of this font. TrueType fonts are always closed paths, but it is possible for the path to overlap itself, so some fonts exist that do this.

You can find single line CAMBAM fonts here:

Have a look, maybe you find one you can use.

Many thanks Roy.

Many thanks Oz, I will keep looking.