Thinking out loud. (print cut feature)

Would the print cut feature be more accurate if it had more than two reference points? printed a full 4 x 8 sheet today to test accuracy … for shnits and shniggles I put the reference points along the right edge of the bed (Y axis)… The one metric that seemed skewed was the x on the left furthest from reference marks and drifted consistently … its not a lot and im being nit picky but it seems consistent and probably fixable with an additional mark? is there a machine setting that could fix it? It’s the end of my day and my brain is shot, if anyone wants to help me tackle this I can send images and give more detail…

Yes, please post a picture of the resulting output so we can see what you are seeing.

You need to place the reference points diagonally as far apart as possible - the system derives rotation, scale, and position from these two points. Three points (or more) can work, but it makes the math exponentially more complex. In my own testing, placing the two marks at the diagonally opposite corners of the design gave me excellent results, and it gets better if you register an entire sheet instead of a single shape.

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makes a lot of sense!

interesting turn of events, I reprinted and tested the same file except I put my fiducials diagonal and I got the same level of accuracy… it seems the laser losses a bit in the x axis but the reverse happens at the opposite end of the bed in the y axis… had I left the fiducials on the right hand side the amount of deviation would have been even along the Y axis… its only a about an 1/8th of an inch but is seems fixable? Maybe a calibration issue with the laser itself?

It’s possible that the laser itself isn’t quite square - If it was off by 1/8" across the bed it’s not something you’d likely notice unless you were trying to cut large sheet parts that needed to fit together.

An easy test would be to draw four small boxes at the four corners of a large “virtual” rectangle, then measure the diagonals, like this:


The length of the red line should be identical to the length of the green line.

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