This is my new upgrade hack from master 2 to pro without bying a new machine

I know the new ortur pro just came out. so I had my master 2 laser. I do not want to buy a new machine. My master 2 the size is great for me. I decide to go for an experiment. just to buy parts to upgrade it to the pro version. I bought only these part below

  1. Ortur LU2-4 LF-24V Module
  2. Ortur CNC Z-axis Lifting Device for Focal
  3. *Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro Motherboard
  4. Nema 47 Stepper Motor I had in my shop from my 3d printer.
    please see attached result work I did for customer 45

    all was done with speed 1750 @ 80 power with 3 passes. I take me almost 2hr.30 per project. I love it and it great. let me know what you think?