Thunderlaesr Nova 35 and lightburn Camera

I previously had an x700 clone and installed a non lightburn camera on it worked great. I have now replaced it with a Nova 35, Anyone installed a Camera on one of these.

@TechBravoTN Can you help this guy out?

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I have a Nova 35-80. Same principle. What exactly are you having issues with?

Hello, just noticed your reply sorry. would you be kind enough to show pictures of the housing you used to install the camera and how you wired it. Do you have any issues with it.

Thanks again

Here is our USB interface article:

My calculations for my Nova 35 called for a 100° viewing angle. Here is the calculator I used:

I used a 5MP 100° Cased USB webcam on mine and the bracket matched the mount position on the laser so it will bolt right up. Here is the camera I chose for the Nova 35:

I came in looking for the same, punching in the 900mm wide bed on the Nova 35 gave me a factor of 3.2, which would be like a 180 degree lens if mounting to the lid.

Am I missing something there, or should I be looking to mount lower, like on the front of the lid where it slopes down?

Sorry only just saw your response. thank you

Unfortunately that camera isn’t available in the UK.
I’ll have to see how expensive it will be to get it here.

Hi Brian, may I consult a Nova 35 lightburn camera to you?
According to LightBurn camera lens calculator for Nova 35, the result is 1.4 for the 90 or 80 degree lens.

You said you use a 100° viewing angle camera.
What happen if I can buy 90° camera and use it on Nova 35?
Is there any difference between 100° and 90° for using Nova 35? Which one is better? Thank you.

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