Time issue/ incorrect estimation time

Hello I been seeing some inconsistent estimation time after the lost 2 update for example when you try to review the playtime and the bottom it says this will take couple hours, but the time is more the couple hours,

I like this option and I use it to control everything wirelessly for example I have a fan and the machine I control by a smart wireless outlet I usually look at the estimate time and set the machine to turn off after 5 minutes.

I have a screenshot from a TeamViewer the playtime is showing 7:11:… and you can see it was over 7:40 mins and still was not finished

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4% deviation is for a simulation fine in my opinion. You need to know and trim your settings a lot to get better results.
But, remotely controlling a laser from another room is doomed to go wrong, believe me. I have had small fires in my diode laser setup and in my K40 - not because I am not careful or I have not cleaned the area, I managed to suffocate the fire before it was too late.
… that’s just my position.