Time to replace the comsunables, need help

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the all the help the past. I’m using 3 one-inch mirrors that appear to be KI gold coated cheapie that came with the laser - it’s a 100w (supposed to be 130w, but it’s China right?)

I replaced the lens that came with the machine to a shorter FL, from 50.8 to 38.1. I figured this would give a but more details on engravings. Anyway, my mirrors are scorched and my lens is blemished. I think it’s time to replace. I’ll be honest, finding the right FL from the laser to the piece is a royal pain in the a*s, some tips would be nice…

The reason for the post to ask for tips on replacing the items that have seen better days. I’m thinking Copper for mirrors and god knows what for a lens, they all look the same, ZNse etc whateer that means?

Any advice on getting this big Chinese hulk back in action would be greatly appreciated?

And, yes, I actually did use the search function and either couldn’t find anything or I’m a bit touched.

Thanks again,


I use Mo mirrors. They are not quite as reflective as some of the high dollar ones, but they are true lifetime mirrors. Solid disks that can be polished over and over and over. Can’t tell you what the reflectivity difference is between Mo and Copper. I know Russ ran copper mirrors in one of his machines for a year or two. Looked just as good as the day he put them in.

Just did a quick loo up, the copper are a little higher reflective, but a lot softer and need better care. The Mo can take a beating and just need a little polishing compound for a scratch.

I just ordered and received a lens assortment from American Photonics - They look great but I’ve not had time to run through the paces. They also sell mirrors (MO) which I’ll probably purchase next. Prices are good in my opinion and received order in a few days. Note that getting the lens / tube assy from AP, the focal length is the diameter of a AAA battery from the nozzle end to work piece.

JMW - A nice close nozzle tip and good air flow make your set up a cutting configuration. Best of both worlds for cutting and engraving, just turn the air down for engraving and you’re golden!

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