Timeframe of expected next release?

Search doesn’t show me anything,. Is there an expected timeline of when the next release may come out?

This thread was posted yesterday. I don’t know how to get the exact post number but if you read the thread it will give you the answer you were hoping to find.

Expecting updates more frequently than quarterly is unrealistic. As new features are added, software tools becomes exponentially more complex. This means that fully testing an update takes longer with each new release merely due to the unexpected interaction of new features. So the time required to add the new features, debug them, unit test them, perform system testing and then update the documentation takes a lot of time, especially if you do not have a dedicated QA team for testing.

Most complex software products are lucky to get major updates on a bi-annually schedule.


I had hoped to have it out already, but realistically sometime in Feb. This one has been unusually long.

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You can link directly to posts by clicking the ‘time since posted’ link in the top right of any post. I just figured this out inadvertently.

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I have been using the expanded bottom menu to get the permalink:


Nice shortcut!