TimeMachine Backup and restore

I recently had to rebuild my MacBookPro which I use to run LightBurn. Not a problem I thought since I backup my machines to multiple disks via TimeMachine. I rebuilt my MBP and restored LightBurn from my TimeMachine backup. However I seem to have lost the settings and machine configuration info. Any ideas?

Time Machine has copied the Lightburn .dmg file back into Applications, It’s not going to have your settings saved to the file. It should have recopied all of your .lbrn2 files back into thier saved file locations along with any cut and art libary files you had.
It may be a good idea to do a screen capture of your settings and store it with your lightburn job files.

I have all my LightBurn files since I store them to iCloud Drive. I am just curious where LightBurn stores data pertaining to configuration since TimeMachine has all the information to rebuild the machine. Indeed I could do that but wanted to short circuit that since all I really need to restore is the LightBurn binary and config files?

Unfortunately I can’t help you there, all I know is that on the rare occasions where I have had to completely restore the system on a Mac (both due to HDD failure) it has left all of my applications in default settings.

I’ve figured this out, restore from TM backup /Users/userid/Library/Preferences/LightBurn. Haven’t figured out the licence key but everything else seems to be there.

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