Tip : Increasing engraving speed with loss of some accuracy( if allowed)

When speed is more importand than accuracy there’s a tip i want to share. I use a tabletop blue diode laser to engrave leather and wood. If i want to avoid the often visible laser lines in my engravings i need to set the lines per mm or inch very high. The laser spot of my diode measures 0.08x0.1mm when its at best focus distance( my laser at 4mm above workpiece)…so to avoid any uncut material stripes i always need to set line interval a bit higher… lets say to 0.07mm for example. Higher line interval always means slower worktimes. The workaround to get a shorter worktime is to lift the laser out of focus. A diode laser beam is in fact a narrow hourglass where the middle is at best focus and narrowest…meaning the more the laser is out of focus the bigger the projected laser spot on the workpiece gets. The downside is loss of some accuracy and laser power. For most engravings on wood or leather( other materials) there’s absolutely no need to get a perfect focussed projected laser spot thats only 0.08mm in size. By putting the laser out of focus i could get a projected spot thats double the size 0.16 and also lower the line interval to 0.14mm.The engraving lines than would also overlap some( thus no striping) but the worktime would allready be cut in half. Without looking through a magnifying glass i doubt you would see the difference between an engraving cut with a 0.08mm or 0.16mm projected spot. Every diode laser could have a differend shape/witdh beam…so its best to use a material test to decide what works best for your project.