Tip needed: how to ensure your honeycomb is well aligned to your laser cutter)

Newbie here.
Do you have any tips to ensure your honeycomb is aligned to your laser cutters? I have a S30 pro 10w, and I can’t ensure that my honeycomb is 100% paral•lel to my front bar.
Any helpful tips will be welcome.

P.S. - are there any way to maximize the cutting area to its maximum possible without break it? I’m seeing lots of unused area that maybe can be used.

There are some solutions in that case. You could add some 3d-printed or lasered feet that hold the honeycomb in place (example for another laser: xTool D1 Alignment for Honeycomb 400 x 400 by TeutonicResin - Thingiverse). Many users do it that way. You can also glue some border-pieces of scrap wood to the base plate to align the honeycomb to it. In any case, you need a base plate where the laser is fixed to, otherwise everything can shift.
See here for some examples Sculpfun S10 - Diode Laser Wiki In the picture the laser is fixed to the base plate. Then the maximum workspace has been lasered on the base plate. If you want to have the honeycomb at 0,0, you need to place the holder pieces with some more distance to get the frame of the honeycomb out of the workspace.

Where do you see unsused area? Usually, the lasers use the absolute maximum space available. Keep in mind that the mechanics will need some space too, that can’t be reduced. You could design your own mechanics, of course.

Try this for initial alignment:
Create a 160mm (6") square box on Layer 00.
Align it to the front-right corner in the workspace using the “|__” icon on the upper right toolbar.
Set your Cuts at 1000mm/m, 0.5% power, 1 pass.
Turn on Frame Continuously in the Device Settings window.
Select the box.
Click on the Frame button.
Align the honeycomb so the laser light is just barely touching the frame.
Stop the framing.
Carefully, mark the location of the frame.

Use the suggestions above to secure the frame, but remember it will have to be removed for cleaning.

My honeycomb (S30 Pro) is not secured. I use Frame Continuously to align my work as needed.

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It looks interesting, but I have some doubts.
As per my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like you are marking the table under the S30, no???
Why 160mm? Why at right side instead left?
My honeycomb is 400x400mm.
Maybe I am understanding it wrongly.

You could do any size you like, I think Mike just chose an arbitrary one. 200x200 will also do, but take longer in framing. Since you only need to align the corner, you don’t need to have the square at full size. But you can do, if you like.
And I think he was talking about front-left, since he drew that icon as well.

No, I am not marking anything. My honeycomb is 5" above the table, and covers up the table. At 1/2% power, I would be marking nothing. Rather than read the steps as I listed them, actually perform them and then you will understand my suggestion.

My setup allows me to remove the honeycomb and use the chuck rotary with minimal setup effort. That is why my honeycomb is not locked in place. So I use the procedure above to easily align things before the burn.

@misken is correct, any sensible size square (although I align the part and the honeycomb at the same time) and I key off the front-left location, which happens to be my Home position as well.

I tried your option, but the button to align the laser head to left is missing in my lightburn version(the last one), so I’m reallocating it by hand. Neither the laser goes to my end position after doing a cut, after setting its parameters.
Maybe is an issue with the last version?
For the rest, more and less I’m doing what you told to align it, but I’ll go for a definitive solution
Thanks for your tip, it’s very helpful.

I don’t think so. What do you exactly mean? The automatic alignment of the laser head to the front-left is called “homing”, the button is located in the laser window. Once pressed, the laser moves front-left until it triggers the switches. This is the zero position.

The laser head is moved to the initial position after a cut. This can be 0,0 but it can be any position, depending on where it was before. If you want it to move to 0,0 after each cut, you can set a “finish position” in device settings window.

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Does this mean you are actually pulling the laser head around after you Home it?

If so, that is a no-no. The controller has no idea you moved it, so none of your positioning information will be repeatable.