Tip on camera placement

Hey Folks,

I thought I’d post what I did to find the center placement of the camera for my bed. I first found the center of the bed using the laser to mark the spot on a cardboard flat. With the lid open, I used a plumb bob and a magic marker to find the center above my cardboard-lased center point. It guarantees a 90 degree placement.


Hi Dean,
Thanks for the tip. I will try that when I am next near my laser. How have you found the imaging and alignment of the camera? my camera seems to distort badly, but not evenly, the further it gets from centre, although I will admit I haven’t tried much to correct it other than re-setting it up. I bought a new $90 camera for it too!


I’ve got a 1400 x 900 mm bed. I chose the 120 degree camera. I ran the LB setup and everything works as expected. The only thing I’d like to see different is an IP based camera that hooks up via ethernet or wireless. USB issues are always a pain.

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