Tips on lining up my polygons

I am getting pretty good at this and want to know now I get my polygons lined up and evenly spaced on this file. I am doing it by hand, and photoshop has a line function that appears and tells you the distances in pixels in relation to other objects. How do you guys do this on this software?
cafe windows and doors.lbrn2 (19.6 KB)

Please see my file.

Is something like this what you are looking for?

I grouped each, moved them across the area… Selected them all and used the align horizontal and and then distribute horizontal…

Not really clear on what you are after…


Sort of. I am trying to align the red polygons equidistant inside the blue ones. These are windows and doors. I am going to upload another file. This is what I am going to burn. I am going to cut out the windows and recess them as well as add window sills and balconies. I have been using the create grid array tool to set my windows, X and Y, but still need to get everything equidistant from the sides of the building.

Other than the align tools, are there any other ways to set equal distance? Maybe this program isn’t for that. Maybe I need auto cad to do this. I am getting into architectural design here.
cardboard setttings for cafe front v3.lbrn2 (133.8 KB)

One way to evenly space those shapes is to use the Distribute Horizontally/Vertically tools as shown in this video clip, I have also used duplicate (Ctrl+D), and group (Ctrl+G) in this process.

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