Took some time to get the settings right for this one, still probably could improve but Im happy

Running an Ortur Laser Master 2, 4.5w

My main idea when purchasing the laser etcher is that I would be “printing” my digital artwork onto “stuff” and one of my friends requested this picture. Which I realize is possibly the least well suited for laser etching,but I figured id give it a shot, as if I could do this image I could probably do any of my others. I think it came out pretty well all things considered

This is the original image

I am not sure what I am looking at… but the print looks like the original! So good job there!
(especially since it looks like a tough picture to burn)

Pretty much everything I do is some form of abstract imagery so its not really supposed to be recognizable, however the original image is a picture of a glitter lava lamp that’s been edited. Thanks! it took a fair bit of experimenting to nail down the settings but with persistence a lot is possible with this software!