Tool Layers Exported to SVG from LightBurn Cannot be Imported into LightBurn, but

I noticed today that when I select an object assigned to either T1 or T2, export the object to an SVG, and try to import that SVG in LightBurn, nothing appears. It will not import.

But, if I import that same SVG export from LightBurn into VCarve Pro, it works.

Entities on layers T1 or T2 are exported to SVG from Lightburn with no stroke or fill.

Lightburn disregards those entities on import.

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… and on export :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reasoning on it. Makes sense. I didn’t even look at the SVG contents to compare. I figure I’d just report it here.

The entities are technically “available” from the Lightburn SVG export if you import the file into a program like Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Inkscape. These 3 programs have a view mode toggle that allows you to look at entities without fills and stroke weights.

Illustrator and Inkscape call it “Outline” mode, and CorelDraw calls it “Wireframe”. When you import the Lightburn SVG export into these programs, and switch the viewing mode to outline or wireframe, you can see the entities, and they can be manipulated.

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