Tool layers not included in frame in laser window

Hi there,

I use the tool layers to model my target piece to engrave. When I run frame from the laser window, I saw, that the tool layer is not included in the moved path. I would appreciate that tool layers with the frame mark would be part of the frame movement, so I could place the piece to engrave more easily.

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There is the ability to use the Tools Layer to frame your project. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

Tool Layers

There are 2 special layers at the end of the cut palette, labeled T1 and T2. These are Tool Layers and are purely for creating non-output shapes in your designs. These layers have no cut parameters and will never be output to the laser. For example you could use them for:

  • Indicating pre-determined material size and position on your machine
  • Guide-lines for aligning shapes
  • Text on a Path (without the path being output)
  • Image Masking

Hi Rick,

thanks for the manual links. I knew these features, but I miss a connection of the frame feature of the tool layers to the frame feature in the laser window (Marked blue in the picture)


I always model the piece to engrave or cut with the tool layers, but these layers are not included in the frame operations of the laser window. If these layers were included I could locate the material more easily. I always use the frame feature with shift pressed that the laser is on while framing.

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